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I had a post titled Bring Back The Glory not too long ago.

I wanted to let you know that, just because I am encouraging the American Citizens to produce and sell their products within the country and outside the country doesn’t mean I want American Domination over world. I wanted to clarify that.

In case someone from France or another country read my post and said “you fake-pigg American” : ) : )

I  would want every able individual IN THE WORLD to produce and market his product and expand his/her business as much as possible. That post was for American Citizens specifically,it has its purpose.

I’m not for domination, taking over, abuse, tricks etc. I don’t believe in politics.

I believe that if individuals in whatever country they live in, felt CONFIDENT ENOUGH to take part in producing and selling , there would be no economic crisis, poor countries,                              “oh  you are in need” and we gotta come and “support” you financially (loan you money) and you gotta follow my political orders etc. All the BS’ that you are aware of…

Because PRODUCING AND SELLING ARE THE ECONOMY (even if your product is jewelry made out of beads), not your local stock market, not the banks, not the politicians, not the big and “important” worldwide organizations or someone’s Yale or Standford diploma….

These are the false ideas filling people’s heads about economy. Toss them out.

Your purpose in creating a business is to be productive so you can make a living (survive)  and in the meantime you are supporting your community with a useful product. It could be for a “need” or “want”. Survival products meet the need. Want products bring fun and beauty in our lives. Such as decoration items, jewelry, bikes etc.

Let’s say you live in a very small village. You don’t have bread at home, nor the ingredients to make it. Wouldn’t you wish that someone had some bread or at least flour so you don’t starve?

You would hope , oh my God, I hope that neighbor wasn’t lazy this summer and cut his wheat and grinded it in his stone mill into flour…that would be the first thought. The second thought is “I hope he’ll give me some flour!” third “what can I exchange? “.

Well that’s the bottom of the economy, someone making something somewhere that somebody else might need. If most people stopped making things, we would have challenging economies. And that’s what we have.


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