You can use your skill(s) to increase your independence.

Be a skill hoarder : ) In the sense that, if there are short courses / workshops around, and you like the subjects, I say don’t miss the opportunities and learn about them.

What I mean is the more skills you have, the more you CAN CONTROL LIFE. It is true!!!!

The more you can control life, the more carefree you will be.

Let me give you an example. This shows you how having a skill is a valuable thing. It also shows you that most people are well intending.

One of those rare times, I left the kids with my husband and went out to run an errand. On the way back, I stopped to get gas (petrol if you live outside of the U.S.). I filled up the tank and as I was trying to leave, the car wouldn’t start! Oh no, what do I do? Calling my husband, getting the road service people come by , waiting around…all these things crossed my mind. Not fun stuff.

Anyway, next to me there were these young handsome boys, they were getting gas, getting stuff from the convenience store and I think they were returning their empty beer bottles : ) but wait these guys had the skill.

They knew about cars. When they noticed that I’m trying to start the car and it is not starting, one of them ,who was cleaning the windshield of his car, said , “let me take a look when I’m done”.

He and  one of his friends came by, opened the front hood, tightened the bolts on the battery that were loosened, and jump started the car. They said I needed to change the battery (some advice on what needed to be fixed,  I can’t remember now but it was like I was talking to mechanics!)

They exactly figured the problem out, fixed it and I was on my way within 3-4 minutes  from the time they touched my car. I don’t know what you would consider this but I would consider it freaking


These guys were fast, helpful and confident. God bless them!

My point is, societies need cool people like that…handsomeness/beauty is one thing, but skill is another, more valuable.

I want you think how you could help yourself and others if you had one (or more) of these skills….

Conventional construction,

Cars (mechanical skill)

Non-conventional construction (building Straw Bale and Cob type of structures)


Wood work (knowing how to build furniture, cabinets, house frame, decoration items etc)

Paper Making


Acting and Entertainment

Gardening (growing vegetable and  other plants)


Electric (including solar panel system or any other system)

Electronics (setting up a device)




Computers (creating web sites, giving information to your folks about what is what )

Jewelry Making




Movie Making

Documentary Making

Organizer (of events)

Motivator (for success)

Healthy Living Adviser ( I especially mean alkaline and organic living)

Shoe Maker

Fabric Maker (weaver)

Basket Weaver (or weaving other items)

Glass Blower


Design (on the computer, clothing, furniture, house….)



If you had one or more of these skills, would you start a business on the skill that you love?

Would you gather your family, friends and community members  in your backyard and give them lectures?

Would you use your knowledge to help somebody else?

Think about these. : )


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