Happy carpenter assisting coworker in cutting wood with handheld saw at construction site

If you are a young person, high school age or beyond, DO NOT waste your time. You are not making a living yet but this is the time when you gather all the survival skills.

What do 16-17-18 year old youngsters do nowadays?  How about adults? What do they do when they get together? Chat, watch a movie, drink beer, eat, talk about sports, barbecue, talk about fashion…you can do these kind of get together(s) sometimes BUT these SHOULDN’T BE theONLY things to do when you have free time alone or otherwise.

You have a backyard, an extra room or a clean, spacious garage, instead of doing these idle things, organize an event where your friends can come and learn a skill by participating.   Find people who are interested, doesn’t even have to be relatives and friends. Arrange a space and give them lectures / presentations or workshops on important topics or a product.

If it’s a workshop, either you be the instructor (by learning from someone else first), or invite some instructor who KNOWS.

Create times to create changes in your society and empower others.

I say if people are close enough to get together to share food, drink, words, they surely can share a bucket, a wheelbarrow and pieces of wood, or canvas, paint and brushes…It’s fun to learn a new skill.


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