Young Businesswoman Explaining Graph To Her Colleagues Sitting On Chair

The living in this world is like being on an assembly line, meaning it is aaaall set up for you.: )

Here is the system.

Be born, go to school, do more studies, then extra studies on top of that, get a job, earn a salary (hahaha: ) funny word), make sure to STRUGGLE during all your life (oh that you make sure to do), survive one way or  other….then kick the bucket .

But how do we struggle? We struggle by being AVERAGE. When you go above average, you are not directed by this and that whether it be commercials, trends you see in society, other people’s advice (including mine!). You don’t give a damn… you are busy and doing your own activity. Positive kind.   If you only have 10 grams of confidence, instead of 100,  just put that 10 grams to work.

“Am I doing okay?”, ” Should I continue?” these emotional states are NORMALE (Italian for normal, natural).

Below average personality is the kind that already given up on life for the most part. They are not the readers of this blog, so we don’t even need to bother talking about that state.

So you can either be AVERAGE or above AVERAGE.

If you are a positive person who fits himself/herself  (comfortably) in the norms, your consideration about yourself would be, “I can somewhat create, somewhat think, somewhat I am”.

When you go above that, YOU KNOW for sure “I can create (any creation you choose),   I CAN think and I AM!”

So I say, don’t be average. Choice is yours.


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