We have a situation in the world that, I can assure you, came about from not taking responsibility.

It is the way vegetables are grown. Use of pesticides, other chemicals and genetically modifying crops (vegetables, fruits and grains).  Isn’t that lovely.

As far as I can estimate, people at large think, FARMING is an empty job ( meaning not bringing one status and money) and perhaps they even consider it lowly.

It’s so not true.

If we think we need to eat to survive, to that degree we need these guys, farmers! We are dependent on their services , so how could farming be so “unimportant” of a job then?

Reason being false information and that at some point people were prevented from having their own lands. Otherwise why people would go work at other people’s lands, right? They would work on their own lands. If you don’t believe me ask your parents how it was for them and for your grandparents.

My mom told me, my grandfather used to work at someone else’s grain farm and that those landowners were people who were the head of their village council .

Plus, I see the same scenario in British period dramas, you know the servants that do everything for you. Farming, as well as cooking, cleaning, everything… I’m a fan of that period, when things were simple, so I watched quite some of those. Perhaps I was a rich person at the time : )

Anyway, I bet similar things happened in Japan, India, Russia, Bulgaria, Mexico….you can do your own research.

Enough with the estimated history lessons, the point is you CAN grow vegetables and sell them. It is very valuable especially at this time in world’s history.

People need clean food, they also need variety.

new family farm in Des Moines, Iowa
from new family farm
New family farm, produce

You get to work in wide open spaces, be in nature. I think organic farming is not that complicated, I noticed there are some web sites and organizations dedicated to “researching” it…

You put the seed the ground and watch it grow! Water it of course, get rid of the weed. Not a rocket science.

organicempire2 , Melbourne, Australia
Angela Gioffre
Angela from

“The Organic Empire was formed from out of one woman’s true love and passion for fresh, healthy and ‘tasty’ food. Founder and nutritionist Angela Gioffre’s social awareness and passion for health and the environment is what drives a unique business model that delivers you the highest quality produce each week.”

Good idea Angela!

Here is a link to Japan Organic Agriculture Association

Itaatli Farm in Antalya, Turkey (from

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming. The motto of the organization is  “Linking Volunteers With Organic Farms and Growers”.

It works like this;

Usually you live with your host and are expected to join in and cooperate with the day to day activities. In most countries the exchange is based on 4-6 hours help-fair exchange for a full day’s food and accommodation.

I say what a great opportunity for you to learn about farming!

The Applefactory in Ekero, Sweden (from
From wwoof

You can start small. If you have a backyard, instead of having just grass, you could grow vegetables and conserve for yourself to eat in winter. When you have more produce sell it at the local market or sell it to your neighbors.

As you get more and more experience, buy a few acres. The land isn’t too expensive anymore (since there is “nothing” to do in the country anymore : ) haha.

You can get a couple of acres about $10K, although in the cities they are more expensive. but you can find more affordable land about an hour away from your city. In that way, you can bring your vegetables to the city, to farmers markets , much needed service.

Or some people put organic vegetables in boxes and deliver them to customers, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Here you go, another opportunity for you to do something .

Get going and good luck : )


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