As far as I know, people have positive feelings toward each other as long as they can understand each other. 

A normal person doesn’t decide if a person is good or bad by their RACE, GENDER and STATUS. Good people look at a person’s actions and decide if they are good or bad.


In fact good people are too good sometimes, they can be too naive and buy a person’s words rather than their actions , but that’s a different story.


This Black and White “conflict”  happening in the U.S.  is Bull Shit. Excuse my language.

So my advice to you,  don’t play the game and don’t take side.

Keep your positive feeling you already had towards the other race. The exact idea behind these news is for you to take side and make new (negative) conclusions on the other race, commotion and conflicts.

Show your support to each other. 

Pass around positive messages on social media. 

More powerful than any other method I can think of…and don’t forget, it is your spirit that matters, not your body. See the bigger picture.

Much Love

The lyrics of the song are Here

He says powerful things like


For gangs, clubs and nations

Causing grief in human relations

It’s a turf war on a global scale

See, it’s not about races, just places, faces

Where your blood comes from

Is where your space is

I’ve seen the light get duller

I’m not going to spend
My life being a color 


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