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Today we are with Mauricio Munoz.

He is the founder and owner of Pressure Washing Clearwater.

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Without further delay, here are the questions and his answers.


Mauricio Munoz



Q:  Why did you decide to have your own business (as opposed to getting a job somewhere) ?

A: My entire life I wanted to have my own business. To do the things that I wanted to create.I wanted to generate employment for others as well. Also I didn’t want to be like my father who worked all the time and didn’t have time for his family or anything else.


Q: Did you have any worries at first? And how did you overcome them?

A: To begin with, I had a good paying job but I decided it wasn’t too ethical. So I quit it. I didn’t have a job, no money, no credit cards. My wife was pregnant.  At that state I didn’t have any other choice but do something….So I worked for construction business’ for a while. To answer your question, no I didn’t have worries about starting a business. I was already broke. 


Q: What were the first five actions you took to get started?

A: 1- Decision to have my own business

     2- Observation. When I was working in construction, I was looking to see what was needed and wanted in the field. I saw that window cleaning was  easy and didn’t cost much money to get started.

     3- Get information on how to do it.

     4-Buying the tools necessary to clean windows.

   5-Printed Business Cards and Flyers Free Google Advertising, Craigslist. Anything free I could find online I used. Then headed to local stores and offered my window cleaning service.


Q: Did you come across with challenges and doubt yourself (what am I doing? ) 

 A:    Yes. It had been a while I was cleaning windows, I remember  my younger daughter was about 1 year old. I used to work all the way from 7 am to 12 at night. Looking for new work, I didn’t have a car, so I was riding my bike to work. Between work and riding bikes, I was exhausted. Physically I wasn’t in good shape. I used to fall asleep soon after I got home. I had no time for my family or anything else. Then I started working with another person, he had a truck, that handled the ride situation but still I was tired and didn’t have any time but work only. If I didn’t work we wouldn’t eat…those times I used to occasionally think, maybe I should work for a company and get a paycheck instead of working so many hours.   


    Q: Did you invest a lot of money?

   A:  No. Only about $200 to start  (for tools and business cards ). 


Q: You started with window cleaning, how did you get into pressure washing field?

 A: I was cleaning windows ,mostly for gas stations, then I got a call from a regional director,he asked  if I could clean the windows for all of their gas stations. Then I was asked if I could pressure wash their driveway. At first I was renting the pressure washing equipment, eventually I got a new one and even built one myself as well. 


 Q: How do you see the future of your business?

 A: I see a very bright future. I want to produce 1 million dollar worth of service. I want the people I work with to prosper and expand too.


Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to start a business?

A: I suggest people to start their own business’. Because the society is on the shoulders of small business owners & entrepreneurs. 

     If a person isn’t happy with what they are doing or they are frustrated with their work conditions, they need to take the chance and see things from a different point. Look around, see what you are good at.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

  A:  My wife’s name is Charlotta. My parents in law are Ralf and Doddi Gerhardy. Without their support in every stage of my business from day one until today I wouldn’t be able to make it.  Thank you.


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I say , Great Job!









Be A Photographer










  Per the definition, photography is- the ART or PRACTICE of taking and processing photographs.

Now, you are aware that people don’t process photographs the way they used to.

I believe even the photographers nowadays use software to adjust and make the photos more beautiful and interesting.  

You can start, you don’t need a lot of money.

A camera, software and desire.

Notice the definition says art OR practice of taking photos.

“PRACTICE of taking photos”.

Keep taking photos. You can share them on many online platforms, get paid some. 

To produce photos don’t cost you any thing beyond your tools (once you have them). The worst can happen is you don’t like a photo, so what, just erase it from the memory card.

Practice your skills, figure out how to adjust light and learn about your camera’s functions.

Again use social media to introduce your business, that means you need to come up with a business name.

So and so photography.

I would have never thought I would need images of  a tree, or an apple, or someone studying etc.

I do! I do buy most of the photos that I use on this blog. 

They call them stockphotos.

Many websites buy and use these pictures. 

(stock photography) are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

Obviously you can arrange photo sessions with individuals and groups as well.

Remember , you are as professional as you want to be. 

Professionalism has something to do with the LEVEL OF CARE you are willing to give to your practice.

 Here is what Ashley Baxter, a photographer from UK, says about starting her photography business;

ashley baxter's photo
Ashley Baxter photo

I didn’t intend to exchange my photography services for money. It just started happening. From modest beginnings, where I was slipped a £20 note at a gig I thought I had shot just for fun, to a steady stream of bookings from clients big and small, all of which I have landed without marketing myself as a professional photographer.” 



Hear what Mindy Sue says about starting her photography career… 

Mindy Sue photography
Mindy Sue Photography

“This is a story of how I started my photography business out of my closet. To begin,  we were really poor.  Crazy poor.  My husband worked full time – half of which was an unpaid internship – and was going to school full time getting his Ph.D. and writing his dissertation.  He was never home.  We had three wonderful babies ages 6, 5 and 2.  Our house was a two bedroom, seven hundred square feet apartment….”

Read more on 


Happy productions!