Today we are with the Well Done Cleaning Service owner Elena Krymoff.

She founded her business 2 years ago. Today she runs the business with her fiance’ Steven Kovaleski.




Q: Why did you decide to have your own business (as opposed to getting a job somewhere).

A: I like creating and organizing. When people don’t know how to organize,  or don’t have time for it, I know how to do it, so I do it for them.

Also I don’t want a limited income. This is not my first business, I had a few other business’ before. One of them failed, one of them was successful…

Q: Did you have any worries at first? And how did you overcome them?

A: I had no worries. I usually start a business with enthusiasm and big interest.  Worry comes later  : )

Q: What were the first five actions you took to get started?


     2- Studied how to clean, get more info and orientation to the subject.

     3-Find the first client

     4-Buy supplies

    5- When the clients weren’t increasing, I went online and put an advertisement. 

Q: Did you come across with challenges and doubt yourself (what am I doing? )

A:  No. My experience has been positive. When I go to a place my job is to create an in order and clean environment for my clients. I know how to do it. I do it and usually my clients are very happy. After my first visit to a client, we usually get a call “the place is so nice, thank you, when can you come again ?” .

A: No this business doesn’t require much money. I paid money for supplies (soaps, brushes, rags, mops), got a new vacuum cleaner. I spent about $350.

Q: How do you see the future of your business?

A: I want to have a big company that is operating in the Southern part of the US. I want to hold seminars to teach how to clean. Philosophy of cleaning (theory) and practical as well.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to start a business?

A: For people who can’t decide for a line of business, ask yourself, “what do you like doing the most?”

Maybe it is fixing cars or something else….

If you can’t figure out, make an analysis of your past. Where you worked and liked your job and how you can create money with that field.

It is important to be in a field that you know how to do and like doing it as well.


Thank you Elena for sharing your story with us. Thank you Steven for taking pictures. : )

And best wishes with your expansion plans.





You can use your skill(s) to increase your independence.

Be a skill hoarder : ) In the sense that, if there are short courses / workshops around, and you like the subjects, I say don’t miss the opportunities and learn about them.

What I mean is the more skills you have, the more you CAN CONTROL LIFE. It is true!!!!

The more you can control life, the more carefree you will be.

Let me give you an example. This shows you how having a skill is a valuable thing. It also shows you that most people are well intending.

One of those rare times, I left the kids with my husband and went out to run an errand. On the way back, I stopped to get gas (petrol if you live outside of the U.S.). I filled up the tank and as I was trying to leave, the car wouldn’t start! Oh no, what do I do? Calling my husband, getting the road service people come by , waiting around…all these things crossed my mind. Not fun stuff.

Anyway, next to me there were these young handsome boys, they were getting gas, getting stuff from the convenience store and I think they were returning their empty beer bottles : ) but wait these guys had the skill.

They knew about cars. When they noticed that I’m trying to start the car and it is not starting, one of them ,who was cleaning the windshield of his car, said , “let me take a look when I’m done”.

He and  one of his friends came by, opened the front hood, tightened the bolts on the battery that were loosened, and jump started the car. They said I needed to change the battery (some advice on what needed to be fixed,  I can’t remember now but it was like I was talking to mechanics!)

They exactly figured the problem out, fixed it and I was on my way within 3-4 minutes  from the time they touched my car. I don’t know what you would consider this but I would consider it freaking


These guys were fast, helpful and confident. God bless them!

My point is, societies need cool people like that…handsomeness/beauty is one thing, but skill is another, more valuable.

I want you think how you could help yourself and others if you had one (or more) of these skills….

Conventional construction,

Cars (mechanical skill)

Non-conventional construction (building Straw Bale and Cob type of structures)


Wood work (knowing how to build furniture, cabinets, house frame, decoration items etc)

Paper Making


Acting and Entertainment

Gardening (growing vegetable and  other plants)


Electric (including solar panel system or any other system)

Electronics (setting up a device)




Computers (creating web sites, giving information to your folks about what is what )

Jewelry Making




Movie Making

Documentary Making

Organizer (of events)

Motivator (for success)

Healthy Living Adviser ( I especially mean alkaline and organic living)

Shoe Maker

Fabric Maker (weaver)

Basket Weaver (or weaving other items)

Glass Blower


Design (on the computer, clothing, furniture, house….)



If you had one or more of these skills, would you start a business on the skill that you love?

Would you gather your family, friends and community members  in your backyard and give them lectures?

Would you use your knowledge to help somebody else?

Think about these. : )


Hey guys, you need to be successful, here is a video you can watch.

 Grant Cardone, very inspiring guy. He is talking about wanting success in a delusional way.

 I think what he means is, even at the beginning if you are doubtful about being and feeling successful, even if there are doubts from other people regarding your success, you still do the actions, pound through, want success like crazy AND get there!  Of course your product should be positive.

When you become successful, it is natural to be self-confident, but you don’t become successful immediately and your self-confidence isn’t there immediately either. It’s a process. What kind of process? Action kind of process. Production kind of process. Entrepreneurship kind of process, where you ask yourself,  what product can I sell that people can use.  How can I  provide a service and create an income for myself AND grow my service area.

Here is the show, watch it.


I wanted to share a part of my life (past). To draw conclusion out of it to motivate you.

Math was the subject I was good at, then not so good at, in secondary and high school. Because I joined a group of girls in my class. We were interested in telling jokes and thinking about boys, pretty classic situation with teens.

For that reason, I ended up not studying at a university.

That’s why I ended up going to England to learn the English language (so I can sing in a rock band in Turkey).

I felt bad for not knowing the high school math and not going to college. As it is a stamp I needed to have on record.

As you know, that is how people assert their worth in societies, by acquiring a diploma of some sort : )

For several years, I did try to learn math from books on my own…didn’t work out. I actually took courses to prepare me for science related questions (for university exams).I didn’t learn math there either. The teacher was assuming that we already knew the subject , so information was brief. It was mostly geared towards practicing.

So later on, when I immigrated to the US, it was awesome that I could just attend a community college.

Of course I did. I was interested in biology for the most part, later math and physics.

I worked and took some classes. Started Elementary Algebra Part I., Later on took Part 2. I finished both classes with A. I think all my test scores were A (except once it was B).

Then I took the Intermediate Algebra Part I and another semester Part 2.

Again all my test scores were A. In fact, when we first started the class

(Int Algebra part2) , the teacher announced to the class that if our average from the test scores were A, then we don’t need to take the final .I didn’t pay attention to that. I had to get A’s though : )

So I was the one person who left the classroom on the day of the final, upon the teacher’s prompt. He said “what are you doing here?”, “You don’t need to take the final.”

Gist of all this, if you fail at something, that’s not the end of it necessarily. Unless you decide that it is the end. You can try again and again. Giving up is not a virtue, but persisting is.

If you are studying something , make sure you understand what the words are in your texts (for more info visit

It’s really ironic that what I couldn’t understand in my own language (Turkish) and failed, I excelled (for that level) in another language. Understanding words is one thing, but giving attention is another (something that I lacked in secondary school). So pay attention.

Finally, don’t get diploma to assert your worth in the society. This is a trend that hinders societies, instead of furthering it….it gets people not produce , even if they have the capacity to actually produce or learn the subject from the people who know the craft (whatever craft that is). Try to get to the point with education, enough to get your started on a line of production. BE brilliant as you already are!





Hello everybody,

I came across with these interviews on You Tube (You Tube is such a vast, creative arena. Recently I have been watching a lot of videos to get inspired and to learn ).

So I didn’t know anything about The Hollywood Reporter Interviews. They have been interviewing Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Writers, Movie Composers….

I think seeing these people who are famous and successful, sharing their lives (personal and career-wise) would be awesome experience for us, “the commoners”. : ) That’s what I predict. Per the You Tube record, some thousands of people watched them. So people at large aren’t aware of these interviews.

We tend to be in mystery when it comes to success and successful people. “Wow, how did she/he do it?”

So I assume watching these interviews will be inspiring.

The amazing thing I heard uniformly among all these actors/actresses ( I watched several interviews, so 20-30 famous people) is that ;

1-They have their insecurities, such as, am I gonna be able to have another job?

2- They have been through many rejections (I say, God bless them for not giving up and continuing), and of course they all had points in their “pre-famous” lives, where they doubted their abilities, their chance of succeeding in this business.

3-They all feel they are fortunate to have the chance to be in this business, it is fun, pays off….

4- They all wonder if they’ll be able to deliver what is required of them…so they get nervous even when they commit and start the projects.

So what I want you to learn from them is, FEAR-INSECURITIES-WORRIES do happen even to the best of us. Don’t let them stop you. These people experience these negative emotions and aren’t stopped by them…it’s almost like “they walk through these emotions.

A friend, Grant Cardone said something along this line , fears, insecurities are real, you just don’t let them stop you….he said, go do the things that make you feel uncomfortable , that’s the zone you should be in, and that’s where the magic happens.



When you have goals, make it bigger than you want and imagine.

In that way, you give yourself extra space, to reach at least your original goal.

Life is so complicated sometimes, random things happen.

So instead of being the best shop in the neighbourhood, imagine to be the best shop in the city…

Instead of being a local artist, imagine being an artist known in the country

Instead of being an average musician being known only in a few states, imagine being the best musician in the world! 

Easy to apply?