Hello everybody.

Clarify your goals in life.  Keep taking actions towards them…ideally big continuous actions, if not even the small ones will do! Continuing is more important then the size of the actions.

Of course, unless there is an emergency or something.

About seriousness, God knows I have work to do at this myself.  Taking life seriously doesn’t make you successful, I know that.

And we know the importance of this when we get out of the “business of seriousness” for a bit…not that we plan, but it happens sometimes…right?

Here’s a video (2.5 min) you can watch and see what I mean…Will Ferrell, I don’t feel he is worried about how he looks….he is more focused on entertaining people. I love it! We appreciate this quality in people, being genuine. He gives people freedom.

It’s a quality we are missing in the world, we are all obsessively trying to fit in the norms.

Anyway, my suggestion is, keep your eyes on your goals, do the best you can but don’t be too serious. So what  if you are not perfect (according to others) at something you don’t care much about, that’s alright…