Having your own business. Have you considered card making?

Here are a few videos to get your interest going.

Christmas Cards by Vicky Papaioannou

Of course you can use all the social media to get your product out! You Tube, Twitter, Google, Facebook , as well as the sites like ETSY, fineartamerica and your own blogs and web sites.

Birthday Card- Fishbowl by Vicky Papaioannou

As you know, people buy cards  for many occasions, Thank You cards to Birthday cards to Valentines Day cards to Christmas ,  Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or just to say “I love you” to each other.

 You will need some tools but they are affordable. Pretty low cost, I think.

Before I go, Vicky, she’s cool. She is a high school teacher (has a degree in Information Systems Engineering) BUT likes creating ART. Beautiful cards, beautiful journal pages.

She makes them in her free time. YOU, however, if you are looking for a job, CAN produce these cards full time.

How-to Greeting Card by Vicky Papaioannou


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